My First Triathlon: The Lake Placid Ironman

Like many marathoners, after running for several years I was looking for a new challenge. So without knowing how to properly swim, owning a bike, or encompassing rational decision-making skills, I decided to register for my first triathlon – the 2017 Lake Placid Ironman. PRE-RACE TRAINING A 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run […]

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5 Racecations Serving Up Post-Race Local Cuisine

One of the best parts of a racecation is checking out the local culture – especially the food. And let’s be real – we ALL like to reward ourselves with a little post-race food indulgence. Here are 5 races serving up some local finish line cuisines: 1. Baltimore Running Festival – Maryland Crab Soup Shutterstock […]

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Runner Wall - Laura Braziel

Runner Wall: Laura Braziel

LAURA BRAZIEL Runner, Wellness Mentor, and Destination Races Marketing Coordinator Age:29 City: Seattle, WA Dream Racecation: SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A RUNNER: I’m an easy going runner who likes to take in her surroundings. In the past, running was all about time, pace, goals, and PR’s – […]

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Runner Wall: Brittany Haynes

  BRITTANY HAYNES Marathoner, NYRR Runner,  and Proud Dog Mom. Age: 28 City: New York, NY Dream Racecation: Marato Barcelona (Spain) DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A RUNNER. I’ve always enjoyed running for fitness, but in the past couple years have become more competitive. In 2015, I joined the NYRR club team Dashing Whippets.  NYRR does an amazing job […]

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Runner Wall: Ginny Beazley

GINNY BEAZLEY Running the State of Maryland Age: 32 City: Westminster, MD Dream Racecation: The San Francisco Half Marathon. I think the views would be absolutely gorgeous, especially across the bridge. San Francisco is such a beautiful and fun city to visit as well! DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A RUNNER. I run two to three times […]

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Bridges, Races and Views – Oh my!

Some of the most amazing views of crystal blue waters and fascinating cityscapes come while atop a bridge. And while most only get to drive over, we runners get a unique opportunity to appreciate the scenery and elegant architecture up close and personal – here are (7) bridges worth running over: 1. BIXBY CREEK BRIDGE […]

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Runner Wall: Tracy Oelschlaeger

Tracy Oelschlaeger “My body is stronger than I thought” Age: 29 City: Rockville MD Dream Racecation: Disney Wine and Dine Half DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A RUNNER. I would describe myself as a recreational runner. I like to push myself and break personal records, but my primary goal is to stay fit and have fun. WHY […]

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Runner Wall: Ned Miller

Ned Miller Runner, Guitar Player, and Army Veteran. Age: 59 City: Eldersburg, MD Dream Racecation: A place in the sun DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A RUNNER. I run for exercise, I try for 6 miles a day, and enjoy half marathons. IMPORTANT DEBATE QUESTION – DO YOU RUN WITH OR WITHOUT MUSIC? Without, I enjoy the […]

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19 National Park Racecations

The National Park Service is a government organization responsible for the preservation, protection, and promotion of some of America’s most beautiful and rare landscapes, environments and habitats. And on August 25, 2016, it will celebrate its 100th birthday! To honor this milestone, we’ve outlined 19 of the best and most exciting parks for you to […]

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Runner Wall: Amanda Wowk

Amanda Wowk Student, Athlete, and Fitness Instructor Age: 20 City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Dream Racecation: Bank of America Chicago Marathon (I am thrilled to have been accepted this year and make this dream of mine come true!) DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A RUNNER. I certainly was not born a runner. I had and still have to […]

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