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What is a racecation?

We’re glad you asked. Runners like to vacation, relax and have fun just like everyone else – the only difference is we consider running fun (yes, seriously). From that, the racecation was born – a vacation planned around an organized race, usually involving overnight travel and a friend or two.

What is a Goodie Bag?

A Goodie Bag is a way for businesses and brands, like you, to get your products and services in front of runners. Every year millions of runners travel overnight to participate in races with the goal of crossing that finish line. Having trained hard and made sacrifices for months, they don’t want the celebration to end there – they want to make a weekend of it. Our virtual goodie bags are a way to connect your offer with those runners looking to have a good time!

What types of Goodie Bag offers do you promote?

We target offers from local businesses and brands that have a vacation-related component – activities, adventure, sight-seeing, eats, accommodation, etc. We’ve had a free bottle of water with a hiking tour, 20% of golf packages, $1 off coffee purchases, 50% off yoga classes, $20 off helicopter rides – and everything in between. It’s really up to you and what makes sense for your business.

Are Goodie Bags only for runners?

Yes and no. We celebrate the culmination of race weekend – this includes the race, location, runners, and even the runner’s support system. Oftentimes it’s these family and friends who have made sacrifices of time and energy along the way in support of a loved one – they’re an important part to the journey that rarely gets credit. And while we encourage offers to be open to runners and their supporters, we understand if you can only provide it for the runner.

How does it work?

Send us an email at to get your account created. You’ll receive a link to your profile where you can enter in the necessary requirements, outlined below, to create your offer. Submit for review and once approved it will become live on our site.

1.   Races for which you want to provide an offer – this can be all races we promote in a city or just one, it’s up to you
2.   A short blurb about your company or brand – about 100 words or less
3.   The offer – 20% of product/service, 2-for-1 offer, free product/service with purchase, etc.
4.   The offer description – any fine print, service description, restrictions, etc
5.   Dates the offer is valid – can be as long/short as you’d like, but must be valid the weekend of the race
6.   How to claim the offer – promo code, mention ‘runfari’ at checkout, show offer upon arrival, etc.
7.   Image – horizontal and shouldn’t contain company logo
8.   Contact info – address, phone number, website, facebook/twitter/instagram links

How far in advance do I need to submit the offer?

In general, the longer it’s posted, the more opportunity there is to get in front of runners. We suggest a minimum of two weeks prior to the race, but 1-2 months is ideal. All offers can be posted up to a year in advance.

How much does it cost?

All of zero dollars – that’s right. Our standard offers are of no cost to you and will be listed in appropriate Goodie Bags.

What is an Elite offer?

An Elite Goodie Bag item gets you added promotion. Your offer will appear with an “Elite” tag and will automatically be moved into one of the top positions in the Goodie Bag. We’ll also give you some added love via our social media links and our newsletter. Please inquire about cost for this option.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, or know you want to be part of our crew, reach out to We’ll make it happen.

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