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How do I get it?

iPhone users can download the Runfari app for the Apple app store. We haven’t forgotten about you Android users – your time is coming.

What is a racecation?

We’re glad you asked. Runners like to vacation, relax and have fun just like everyone else – the only difference is we consider running fun (yes non-running friends, there are many others like us). From that, the racecation was born – a vacation planned around an organized race, usually involving overnight travel and a friend or two.

What is a goodie bag?

A goodie bag is a way to make crossing that finish line even better! You’ve trained hard and made sacrifices for months – so don’t let the celebration end there, make a weekend out of it. Our virtual goodie bags are filled with offers from local businesses and brands for vacation-related activities. Whether you want to stuff your face with local cuisine, stretch it out with a yoga class, or take in some iconic sights – our goodie bags have something for everyone. And by everyone, we mean everyone, including those who come out to support runners – they’re an important part to the journey too.

How do your goodie bags differ from those I receive from the race?

Good question! Race goodie bags tend to focus on running-related products and services – promotion of other races, new gels or energy products, apparel, etc. Our goodie bags build upon this and focus on vacation-related activities – sight-seeing, adventure, local eats, etc. Our goal is to help you discover, explore and experience the host city beyond the race itself.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple. Download the Runfari app from the Apple App Store (don’t worry Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you – see below). Register for a free account, find a race, and begin claiming goodie bag offers. You can also do other things cool things like save your favorite races, discover new destinations, get the rundown on race perks and reviews, and use the interactive map for directions when traveling. You will need to save races to in order to view the map.

I’m an Android user, how do I access the Runfari app?

Apple, Apple, Apple – we here you. But it still wouldn’t be smart for us to launch the first version of the app on two different platforms without first figuring out potential kinks. We started with the iOS system because we happen to have iPhones – just think of us as guinea pigs. While we work on it, you can use our website – which also happens to be mobile-friendly.

How much does it cost?

All of zero-dollars – you should focus on breaking personal records, not the bank.

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